Side Business

1) Customs brokerage

Our company has many professional staffs they have obtained the customs broker qualification;In the meantime, we maintain a long-term cooperation relationship with many import and export trading companies. We can provide services such as customs clearance, CO (Certificate of Origin), Form A (GSP form), commodity inspection as well as other export and import procedures and documents for the enterprises they have not yet developed their own import and export right. We arrange the export & import procedure and documentation on our customers’ behalf.

A wide range of products are handled by us, such as: Toys, collectables, garment, handbags, footwear, plastic products, metal products, electronics, pottery, furniture, resin crafts, Christmas gifts, lighting, iron products, and so on.

Basic Operational Ways: We arrange all customs clearance procedures for customers; you simply need to email or fax your products’ names, specifications, types, quantity, gross weight and net weight to us, then your products will be shipped after double check by us.


2) FOB Cargo (unassigned) – Exempt the handling charge for the shipper 


Currently, some shippers conclude their contract with the item of FOB so as to avoid their cost may increase with the changing of shipping freight rate. In order to meet the customer's requirements, we provide proper and safe services for our customers by using our reliable agency network in the major ports all over the world; we arrange the FOB cargos departing from east Guangdong to everywhere all around the world efficiently, providing various logistics services of devanning containers at destination port, transshipping, customs clearance, switching bills, door to door, issuing the bills of lading offsite, exempting the handling charge for the shippers etc.. Welcome the shipper and consignee to visit our website and contact with us.

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